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A light and effective infrared mat using FIR or remote infrared will help you lose weight and get rid of toxins. By entering the promo code "FIR" today, you will receive a discount of 70 Euros and bring a CelluCup vacuum massager and two packs of content films as a gift.

Zlimline Infrared Mat has been awarded the "Anne & Style Beauty Pageant 2022" quality label and previously also the "Boudoir Ilulemmik 2021" award. In addition, our Inframatt has also received recognition as a favorite product of "BeautyHolics 2021". Thank you all for your trust and we are sure that our products will continue to help you improve your health and lose weight!


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600-900 kCal


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Who is the infrared mat for?

Health and weight loss product for the whole family


  • Sweating toxins out of the body improves health and well-being
  •  Makes the body alkaline, thanks to which you prevent the development of diseases
  •  You spend energy, tánu on which the weight falls and a lighter state is created
  •  Relieves muscle tension, relieves joint and back pain
  •  As toxins are released, cellulite decreases and the skin becomes smoother and silkier.
  •  Swelling disappears from the body and nào, tànu to which body and nào forms change.
  •  The body and organs are brought into a cleansing process, to which the immunization system is strengthened and more energy is generated. Without the accelerating effect of remote infrared radiation, the body would have had to direct this same, now surplus, energy to the elimination of toxins.
  •  It causes thirst for water even in the worst water drinkers, which in turn allows toxins to leave the body.
Weight loss

Effective weight loss product

During a session of 45-60 minutes, you sweat toxins and excess fluid out of the body, spending 600-900 kCal. Weight loss up to 1 kilo, thanks to which girths are reduced from the whole body. Going through a course of body cleansing for 10-14 days, it is possible to lose 5-7 kilograms. Keep your body weight under control by using an infrared mat regularly.
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Health and immunity enhancer

By regularly sweating toxins and heavy metals out of the body, health and the immune system improve. Sweating makes the body alkaline, thanks to which you prevent the development of diseases and increase energy levels. The feeling of heaviness and stress is reduced.

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Reduces joint and muscle pain

Relieves muscle tension, helps to reduce joint pain, helper for back pain. Good to use after exercise.

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The best cellulite reducer and skin trimmer

Thanks to body cleansing and the exit of toxins, cellulite, body swelling are reduced, the skin becomes elastic and smooth both on the body and on the face.


How does it work?

An inframat is different from an infrared sauna because the temperature is higher and you are like a "cocoon" where air cannot access. Thanks to this special combination, inframatt is 3 times more effective. Infrared radiation is transmitted as invisible light waves through the air and heats directly, without heating the surrounding air. Warming skin and subcutaneous tissues. Infrared radiation burns the subcutaneous fat layer and removes toxins from the body. Helps to remove waste products from the body, excess water between tissues, improves muscle tone and is an effective cellulite reducer.

Body tissues warm up more deeply, the temperature in the cells rises up to 38 degrees. When walking in a regular sauna, water makes up 90-97% of the sweat composition, but in the infrared mat 70%. At the expense of the remaining 20-30%, toxic metabolic products (fats, cholesterol) and heavy metals (copper, mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, tin) are brought out of the body.

Distinctive features of infrared technology

Safely penetrates deep into body tissues

Consumes energy and reduces adipose tissue

Safe and effective cleanser

Improves skin elasticity

Suitable for adolescents to the elderly


More about the product

FIR Infrared Mat


  • With the most effective and best infrared type for humans, FIR, or long-range infrared.
  • Easy to clean
  • Water and heat resistant
  • With hand openings so that you can drink, read or go on social media during the procedure
  • Infrared acquisition up to 74 degrees
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fold and convenient to store – ideal to take with you on a trip!
  • Strict quality control and high-quality technology ensure a long life
  • Secure and Verified: CE, EMC, LVD, RoHs Certificates
  • Warranty 2 years, If necessary, we will assist with maintenance even after 2 years.
  • How-to videos in addition to the instructions for use
  • Training opportunity for salons and service providers!

We have been selling Inframatte in Estonia for almost 5 years and have carried out thousands of salon treatments, and thanks to this we know how to use and maintain inframatte most efficiently and thus achieve the best results.




How to use correctly?


FAR-Infrared mat
Using an infrared mat

Before the procedure, it is very important that you have consumed a sufficient amount of water. Exfoliating the skin also works well, but body milk, creams, body butter, which close the pores of the skin and prevent sweat and toxins from escaping, should not be used.


Convenient and reasonable use

It is convenient to perform the procedure in bed, on the sofa or on the floor. The leather mat is soft, heat-resistant and the temperature is lower thanks to the remote infrared, but it makes you sweat heavily. If during a regular sauna or in a hot room your body begins to warm up from the outside to the inside, then under the influence of remote infrared the body begins to heat up and thereby excrete harmful metabolic products and toxins from the inside, outside. In this way, you will also start sweating much more intensely and will not have to endure excessive heat at the same time.


The treatment can be done naked or with clothes. When using body wraps during the treatment, we recommend using content films. During the procedure, keep the control unit and water at your fingertips to drink water in the meantime and change the temperature if necessary. The recommended length of the procedure is 45-60 minutes.

It is undesirable to perform the procedure in a sitting position, since when lying down, the result will be more effective and the body will give out more waste products. Also, lying on your side does not reduce the effectiveness of "matting". You should definitely not drink cold, but water at room temperature. Also, drinking mineral water reduces the result, and we definitely recommend drinking ordinary water without gas. 

After the procedure

After the Infrared mat procedure, be sure to allow the mat to cool completely before cleaning and packing. After the procedure, be sure to go under the shower and consume a sufficient amount of water even after using the Infrared Mat.  If you do not use interior films, we recommend that you clean the mat well with a cotton towel after each use and disinfect it with an antiseptic disinfectant sold in regular stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Zlimline infrared mat?
Inframatt is suitable for use by everyone - from the age of 10 to the elderly.
When should inframatt not be used?
Inframatt must not be used during pregnancy or for one month after giving birth.
How to ensure the best results?
Alcohol consumption should be avoided. Based on experience, we have seen that the consumption of alcohol during the inframat course reduces the results. Fatty and fried foods should also be avoided.
How often can I use inframat?
Inframat can be used even daily!


How to apply the product?

1. Preparation

Before the procedure, it is important to consume enough water so that the body can excrete toxins while sweating. Preferably exfoliate the body before care. It is necessary to avoid drinking alcohol on the day of the procedure.

2. Find a convenient location

It is convenient to carry out the procedure in bed, on the sofa or on the floor. Make sure that only natural materials are under Inframatt. If desired, use a fan on the face.

3. Commencement of the procedure

The treatment can be done naked, as well as used with clothes, as well as use soft material inside the inframat. When using body wraps during care, it is necessary to use content films. Place the control unit and water nearby to change the temperature if necessary. The recommended length of the procedure is 45-60 minutes.

4. During the procedure

During the procedure, it is not allowed to be in a sitting position, the weight decreases in the supine position. If you wish, you can move yourself and be sideways.

5. After the procedure

After the procedure, you should always wash yourself using a clean towel and antiseptic cleaner to clean the mat. Be sure to drink enough water after the procedure!

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